Well, I have been home for a few days now, I have just about stopped eating and drinking everything in sight and my feet have returned to normal.  I currently weigh about 14stone (I lost 1/2 stone during the race), so am now looking forward to getting back on the beef and putting back on the 2 1/2 stone I have now lost training and completing this race.

All in all the race went very well, I started very slowly (3rd from last after day one - 87th place) and moved up through the pack, through a combination of me getting faster, other runners gettng slower and people dropping out.  I was extremely proud to finish the 90km stage in 24th and my overall standing rise to 32nd.

During the week I got stung about 20times by wasps, bitten innumerate times by ants and saw one snake (unfortunately I was having a wee at the time so did feel a little exposed).  It was an amazing week (if a little frightening at times, the runners that dropped out after the second day were in quite a state!) but I don't think I will be rushing to return the rainforest is a pretty inhospitable place and there are certainly nicer places to spend a week.

If anyone is interested there is a documentary on ITV3/4 on the 3rd of December and an article on the Sunday Times on the first sunday in November.

Thank you to everyone for your donations and emails of support they were much appreciated.


10/24/2008 05:27:19 am

Well done on finishing the race, you look knackered there mate.

You managed to avoid the cameras well in the jungle, a bit of a suprise!

It looks like a fantastic place but reading your blog possibly not the best place to go on holiday if you don't like creepy crawlys or snakes! (That counts me out then!)

Glad to hear you enjoyed the experience.

See you soon

3/19/2010 05:19:38 am

Wow dad you sound as if you are famous

2/3/2011 11:03:51 pm


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5/23/2011 10:20:30 pm

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9/3/2011 02:41:34 am

To Kes,

Congratulation for finishing the race at the jungle. I assume you have a great experience when you did the run at the jungle. 90km distance is one great achievement.

Keep up the good work...

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    Jungle Marathon 2008

    On October the 7th I will be taking part in the 2008 Jungle Marathon which is a 130 mile race through the Amazon Jungle.  It is a self sufficient race which means I will have to race with all of my food and bedding for the week.  Being a bit greedy this means my rucksack is currently weighing in at about 13kg. In preparation I have run about 1000 miles round herefordshire, mostly very slowly and in a bad mood, had 140 cold baths, 60 saunas and bought an unfeasible amount of kit.

    I am running the race for three reasons -
    1) it will be good fun
    2) zinnia agreed I could do this instead of selling the house
    3) to raise money for Breast Cancer Haven.  I know so many friends and family who have been affected by this odious disease that I am keen to raise funds to support this charity.

    I have included some more details about the race below and my slow bad tempered progress can be tracked on
    www.junglemarathon.com or on this blog which Zinnia will keep updated during the race

    If you make a donation please leave your email address so I can send my thanks and some photos after the race.


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