I've pretty much stopped training now having picked up a hamstring tear over the last month.  I had been trying to ignore it but have only succeeded in worsening it.

So instead I have continued to obsess endlessly about kit and details in an effort to find at least one part of this race I can control.

The girls (India and Liberty) and I have had a cool time smashing up pot noodles and various other dried foods into small bags and weighing out each days food.  I now have a nutritious weeks menu made up of:  pot noodles, cous cous, biltong, twiglets, cashews, pumpkin seeds, angel delight (7 different flavors !), hot chocolate, cheesy smash, cheese crackers, peanut m&m's, lemon electrolyte (filth), lentil stew thing - all in about 18,000 kcalories weighing about 4.8kg. 

Bronwen Coe
9/28/2008 08:34:20 pm

Sounds really really exciting... we will be thinking of you. Hope your injury heals quickly. Love to Zinnia...

10/6/2008 08:00:40 am

good luck matey, and dont forget your picture of the Hoff, to bring you luck!!!

12/27/2010 07:55:48 pm

Write very well, there are some others that resonate.

5/15/2012 06:02:20 am

Sounds really nice


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    Jungle Marathon 2008

    On October the 7th I will be taking part in the 2008 Jungle Marathon which is a 130 mile race through the Amazon Jungle.  It is a self sufficient race which means I will have to race with all of my food and bedding for the week.  Being a bit greedy this means my rucksack is currently weighing in at about 13kg. In preparation I have run about 1000 miles round herefordshire, mostly very slowly and in a bad mood, had 140 cold baths, 60 saunas and bought an unfeasible amount of kit.

    I am running the race for three reasons -
    1) it will be good fun
    2) zinnia agreed I could do this instead of selling the house
    3) to raise money for Breast Cancer Haven.  I know so many friends and family who have been affected by this odious disease that I am keen to raise funds to support this charity.

    I have included some more details about the race below and my slow bad tempered progress can be tracked on
    www.junglemarathon.com or on this blog which Zinnia will keep updated during the race

    If you make a donation please leave your email address so I can send my thanks and some photos after the race.


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